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This wine is no longer available -- this is the original release page
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[Retail price was $21.00 (500ml bottle)]

The wine is made from 100% Bainbridge Island grown strawberries, with grape neutral spirits added. It's somewhat like a port, somewhat like a liqueur. Unfortunately we cannot use either of these terms on the label, so it's called simply a dessert wine.

The name "Ichigo" (pronounced eech-ee-go) is the Japanese word for strawberry. We chose this name to honor the Bainbridge Japanese/American strawberry farming history.

We release this wine each year at the first Bainbridge Island Winter Farmers Market which starts the second Saturday of November. Of course after that time you can buy it at the winery too!

We're using an unusual square bottle (see right). Click for a closeup of the complete label [47Kb].

This label features a commissioned artwork. Please visit our page with more information about Dianne Gardner of Port Orchard who painted this Sumi-styled strawberry.

Bainbridge Island has a long history of farming, many of whom were Japanese/American, and many of them specialized in strawberries. Unfortunately many of these farms have been lost, however, Bainbridge has made significant progress toward preserving not only the history, but the actual farms as well. We'd love to have you take a few minutes to read the following essays.

Mike L's essay on Suyematsu Farm, Mike Lempriere 03-Nov-2008

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